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Royal Palm Farm

Royal Palm Farm is the home of three day event rider and USDF Silver Medalist, Andrew Palmer. We offer training and sales of quality sport horses as well as standing several approved Trakehner stallions, and additionally, select stallions of influence from other stud books. Through partnerships with breeders abroad, we now offer frozen semen from stallions stationed throughout Germany. Periodically, new or visiting stallions are making their home at Royal Palm Farm so please visit our Stallion page to see the full list of available stallions.

In addition to the training and stud services, we produce several foals each year from our band of mares chosen for their riding qualities, pedigree and for what they offer to the breeding equation. We highly value the mare's contribution and have selected in order to produce horses that are not only athletic but that we enjoy developing a partnership with. 

While our breeding operation is anchored heavily in Trakehner bloodlines, we have added influences from the Irish Sporthorse, Swedish Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Arabian horses. 

Visit our Gallery page to see photos of horses past and present that have been a part of our lives.

About Andrew

As most people in the industry, Andrew grew up with a passion for horses that made most other endeavors fade out until he was fully immersed in the equestrian life. Always interested to learn more, he found a place to thrive where his riding skill and his understanding of producing horses from the ground up were encouraged, fostered and expanded. Many things came together in a pivotal time and place where he discovered the horses that would shape his career and provide the foundation for his future as a rider and a breeder. It was here that he found his heart in three day eventing and a love for Trakehner horses.


Andrew holds a strong belief in being multidimensional in the industry and continues to explore new ideas, disciplines, breeds and training approaches. Treating every horse as his student and his teacher, he strives to bring out the best in each individual while growing as a horseman himself. 

Andrew currently competes at the international level in Eventing and Dressage and served as the President of the American Trakehner Association. He is focused on bringing Trakehner horses to a wider audience and ushering in a new generation of riders and breeders to continue the work put forth in producing the breed to it's current excellence. 

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