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Photo Credit- stills by Victoria Demore

canter by Sandra Wilkes


 2014 ISR/Old approved stallion by Tzigane *Pb* o/o Holme Grove Devoux 

Owned by Sandra Wilkes of Holme Ranch Trakehners. Standing at Royal Palm Farm

     Dickens HR is an athletic, well rounded young stallion with a promising future in the jumping disciplines. His early education is centered around eventing to establish his foundation in a thorough and stimulating discipline. With his willing and brave temperament and careful nature he is a natural over fences and has proven to be well suited for the upper levels. Currently competing at the Preliminary/ CCI** level. Dickens proved his quality with a qualifying score of +82% in the 5 Year Old Young Event horse class. 

     Dickens has much to offer in gaits, temperament and athletic ability. He possesses three quality gaits with an exceptional canter that shows very good jump as well as elasticity and ability for collection. He is always moving in very good balance and a natural uphill carriage. Light, sensitive and forward thinking, he is a pleasure to ride and train. 

     His modern build and uphill conformation make him suitable for many types of mares especially those needing lightness and length of leg. His neck is set high in the shoulder and is of good length. An overall very elegant picture with a stunning dark coat, Dickens HR is hard to resist!

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