Inky very consistenly passes on his uphill carriage and comfortable gaits, making him a good choice for dressage breeding. With over 25% Thoroughbred in his pedigree he is a great refining sire and really shines when crossed with heavier mares that need added lightness in conformation and movement.

    Also in keeping with his pedigree he brings a great deal of sensitivity and intelligence that make his offspring a pleasure to work with.

Photo above and gallery below by Hoofclix


INCANTARE is by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* out of Icon by Martini *Pg*E*. Two Grand Prix dressage stallions. "Inky" is extremely modern in type, elegant in gaits with the wonderful intelligence and trainability of the Enrico/Martini bloodline. In his first competition at 3rd level, he scored 69+%, winning hi point.


Incantare combines the marvelous bloodlines of Mahagoni/Coktail, the same combination of bloodlines that produced Peron.  He is a natural in dressage, easy to train and offering exceptional balance and "sitting" ability.


Along with superior dressage talent, he also received a "9" for jumping talent.  In 2007, he started his eventing career, moving to Intermediate in 2009.  He is an exceptionally talented event horse offering remarkable quickness and ability over fences.




photo below and left by Alicia Frese


Inky has a rare gentleness that endears him to everyone he meets. He has a strong affection for children and is often the first horse that carries them around the farm. It is hard to picture that  the still, quiet horse carefully carrying them around is the same horse that will tear up a cross country course in an instant!

                                                                   stud fee $1200



         Incantare Offspring

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